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Calendar and Wallpaper: July 2015

Full moon… we currently have (about) a full moon! It somehow keeps casting a spell over all of us. Even Lara Croft is still up late at night to take a look at it. WPJuly2015-small

A (genuine) full moon will occur July 2nd, at 04:20 in the Sagittarius constellation. The night from the 1st to the 2nd of July will be the shortest night of a full moon this year. The full moon will be at the zenith in the lowest possible angle then. By the 31st there will already be another night of a full moon. The Earth’s moon will be fully visible at 12:43 in the Capricornus constellation. When there are two night’s of a full moon within a month, the US-Americans call the second one a “blue moon.” It isn’t actually blue. However, the term, the whence of which is a matter of debate, has been vernacularised anyway. The saying “once in a blue moon” (meaning “very rarely”) goes back to this.

On the night of the 16th of July at 03:24 there will be a change of the moon towards a new moon. The moon will be at perigee by the 5th, so that it will be closest to the earth with a distance of 228.099 Miles. In contrast, by the 21st it will be at the farthest point from the earth, with an apogee of 251.555 Miles.

(Source: Screenshot: Gothic2 The Night of the Raven, with DirectX11 Mod, see here)

Calendar July 2015, 1920×1080

Wallpaper July 2015, 1920×1080

I hope you’ll have a wonderful July!

Best regards, yours Micky

Calendar and Wallpaper: June 2015

This time, the present image is presented to you early, for once. Smiley Wallpaper mit Lara Croft Lara Croft is on her way to a gathering that is held annually in her honour. If she manages to cross this trappy forest before June 4th, she might still be able to make it there in time! Wallpaper June 2015, 1920×1080 Calendar June 2015, 1920×1080 The Tomb Raider Meeting truly is a highlight every year. It constitutes an event for all those who play Tomb Raider or Tomb Raider custom levels, those who either like geocaching already or are inclined to give it a try, those who enjoy games, riddles and genial evenings and fancy spending three days in the company of like-minded people. There are still spaces available for this year’s meeting. So if you are interested, you will find further information here:

Have a wonderful June everyone! Flower Icon

Best regards,

yours Micky

Calendar and Wallpaper: April 2015

WPFebruary2015-small Lara Croft lets her eyes wander over a landscape near an extensive valley. The weather is not that steady yet, but as long as one keeps moving, it is warm enough to go in shorts. Somewhere over there, something wants to be found – only what it is, besides mud, snails and frogs, Lara wouldn’t tell…

Calendar April 2015 1920×1080
Wallpaper April 2015 1920×1080

Best regards,
Yours Micky

Calendar and Wallpaper: February 2015


Lara Croft, too, has had enough of the winter season already, and thus went where spring has already arrived. She is just doing some Tai Chi exercises outside the town gates in order to keep her fitness up. Stand your ground everyone, the sun will also shine for us again soon!

Calendar February 2015 1920×1080
Wallpaper February 2015 1920×1080

Best regards,
Yours Micky

Open Orga 2015 – Reservation Period Starts Now!

Now it is January, and if you, like me, like keep in mind some key dates for the current year, then the Tomb Raider Meeting cannot be missing. But when will it take place? To answer this and other questions, the Orga-Meeting will shortly gather. Again in 2015, the Orga-Team welcomes all interested fans to join in the Open-Orga,

13. – 15. February 2015.

The number of beds available will be limited, compared to the meeting in the summer, so that it won’t result in a TR-Meeting-Spinoff. Thus, hurry anyone who would like to spend a few days in the beautiful Harz Mountains together with some lovely people.

Just like the TR-Meeting, the Orga-Meeting is supported by RollingBall. You may check in via the forum there (an account is required).

Calendar and Wallpaper: January 2015


Lara Croft will still be there for you 2015. She is guarding a bridge here… those who dare cross it have something else coming.

Calendar January 2015 1920×1080
Wallpaper January 2015 1920×1080

The background is a screenshot from Lord of the Rings online, and further up behind the bridge lies Rohan. I wish you a good start into the new year!

Best regards
Yours Micky

Calendar and Wallpaper December 2014

And another year draws to an end. A year, during which Lara has been with us in all those TRLE custom levels, at the Tomb Raider Meeting, the original games as well as many other things the TR Community has presented us with.


Calendar December 2014, 1920×1080
Wallpaper December 2014, 1920×1080

I wish you a merry yuletide, and a happy New Year full of wonders and good health!

Best regards!
Yours Micky