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Comic In Between

The other day, I was riding home on a train, feeling too exhausted from university and work to indulge in specialised literature, so instead, I picked up pen and paper and just started drawing to pass the time. A few days after that, I found myself in a very similar situation, only this time, a small idea came along…
Afterwards, I colourated the images on my computer, and here’s your comic in between. It is still uncertain whether or not there will be more of those in the future. I guess there might be one or two ideas ready to be drawn at some time when there’s a short fall in concentration again. Well, who knows, let’s see…

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My Doodling – School Day Images

Some while ago, I skimmed through my old school notes. While disposing of most of it, I found a few things I deem interesting enough to share here.

Subject: Art

Subject: Art

How much did I have to catch up on when I entered a rural primary school after second grade? But the air was easier to breathe here. My school certificates from that time read comments like: settled in well, fertile imagination, caring and outgoing, yet many a time deliberately breaking school rules.

I wonder if that was an adverse effect Lara had on me? After all, back then I currently played my first PC adventure game: Tomb Raider 2. Well, I can’t be sure if it affected me in that manner. It may be true that the central character of the Tomb Raider series is not known for her doing things by the book. However, she didn’t exactly have an exemplary function for me then.

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What’s in the Box, Lara? The Advent Calendar Progresses

In the year 2014, eager members have again managed to create an Advent Calendar for the community. It is now for the eleventh time that you can let it surprise you for twenty four days and wonder what might be in each box. To me, the Calendar projects of the community, like those that have been established at Lara’s Levelbase, TRForge and AspideTR, are some of the events I keep looking forward to every year.

This year, a surprise of a special kind came into being backstage: All entries have been handed in on time! I believe that’s a first in all those years I participated in the Calendar workshop (first 2005). To that, a “Yay, us!” Banner-TypeA

Some of the authors and helpers of the Lara’s Levelbase Advent Calendar have been regularly present in the teams, some even since the initial Calendar of 2003. However, this “standing committee” warmly welcomes every new entrant. Anyway, I wanted to put a finer point on that, and so I did a little bit of research. What I came up with are details on the Calendars of 2014 and four of its predecessors:

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