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Resign en bloc: The New Tribune Ends Internet Presence

Lara’s Levelbase Tribune

23rd March 2004 – 23rd March 2016

The Tribune started out as a monthly online newspaper 23rd March 2004 and was pursued as a blog since 15th October 2007. That means we look back at a dozen years of LLB Tribune history, twleve years of articles about the Tomb Raider universe.

llb_tribune-July2012 Despite hoping persistently for some for new members to join the editorial team, to bring about a few guest entries, or to keep the blog project alive and going some other way, it became eerily quiet in the team and on the outside soon after the little revival in October 2014.

The New Tribune obviously hasn’t been able to attract readers for some time now. Maybe it would have been time for another transformation, switching to a new medium, or other kinds of entries, and we’ve simply missed the right moment a long time ago? Anyway, there is little use entertaining a medium of information if there is no proper circle of recipients. After twelve years of Tribune activity, however, a closedown without a decent farewell article would be unimaginable…

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Lara Croft GO – a whole new adventure is to come…

Later this year, Square Enix will present us with a new, totally different game for Android and iOS devices:


According to Square Enix Montéal, Lara Croft will roam through overgrown ruins, researching the myth of the Queen of Venom. However, with its isometric perspective and new, humble optics, the game seems to differ a lot from typical game titles of the series already on first sight.

The gameplay, too, will differ a lot in Lara Croft GO. Apparently, Lara won’t be able to make her own personal way, but moves on a predetermined, non-linear route with obstacles and riddles instead. Rather than focussing on action, the game will feature tricky puzzles to be solved accompanied by a very relaxing soundtrack.

We are looking forward to that new game!

(Source: Square Enix Press Centre)

Back to Basics 2015 – Greece – Register Now

Here it goes again! Along with the Advent Calendar at LLB and the Easter Special at Aspidetr, it is THE annual highlight for all level designers and gamers: The Back to Basics Contest. At the beginning of the month, EssGee, who looks after the organisational matters of the contest, revealed this year’s theme: Greece.

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What’s in the Box, Lara? The Advent Calendar Progresses

In the year 2014, eager members have again managed to create an Advent Calendar for the community. It is now for the eleventh time that you can let it surprise you for twenty four days and wonder what might be in each box. To me, the Calendar projects of the community, like those that have been established at Lara’s Levelbase, TRForge and AspideTR, are some of the events I keep looking forward to every year.

This year, a surprise of a special kind came into being backstage: All entries have been handed in on time! I believe that’s a first in all those years I participated in the Calendar workshop (first 2005). To that, a “Yay, us!” Banner-TypeA

Some of the authors and helpers of the Lara’s Levelbase Advent Calendar have been regularly present in the teams, some even since the initial Calendar of 2003. However, this “standing committee” warmly welcomes every new entrant. Anyway, I wanted to put a finer point on that, and so I did a little bit of research. What I came up with are details on the Calendars of 2014 and four of its predecessors:

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Screenshot Showcase Series – November 2014

Just in time again for the middle of the month, here come the best screenshots the custom level community has to offer.

Happily enough, Caesum was able to release his debut level shortly after last month’s issue was published. Click here for the download site. Highly recommended!

Maati presents us a wonderfully beautiful image from his “War of the Worlds”, a quite advanced project that holds a lot of promise.


War of the Worlds by Maati (Found at: Tomb Raider Forums)

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Screenshot Showcase Series – October 2014

Welcome to the Screenshot Showcase Series (SSS)!

On the 15th of every month, we will here present you the most stunning and most exciting screenshots of the preceding four weeks from all over the entire custom level community.

Do you want to keep an eye on what’s being built at the moment, or gather inspiration for your own custom level? Then this is the place to be! Always keep in mind, though, that the shown levels will still be work in progress.

Whether or not they will ever make it to a release remains uncertain. However, we would not want you to miss out on them anyway.

Titak surprises us with new pictures from the sequel to of Mists of Avalon. She has stated that it will take at least another two years until its release. Well, as you know, pleasant anticipation can be quite a joyful experience.

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