Screenshot Showcase Series – February 2015

SInce the beginning of the year, many screenshots have been posted and some very promising have been announced. We have selected the finest ones to present them here. Enjoy!

Shalebridge Murder Mystery by Richard Lawther

Known for the Underworld Unfinished Business-Series and many more top levels, Richard Lawther returns after more than 5 years. In Cluedo-Manier Lara will be searching a mansion and investigating a murder case. The project is supposed to enter the testing phase in a couple of months.


Lionheart by teme9

We are presented with a new project by teme9, too. There is not much information out on Lionheart yet. However, the first pictures disperse a dark ambience in natural scenery. Interested level builders can also marvel at some behind-the-scenes material at TRF.


The Beginning by GeckoKid

Meanwhile Geckokid has returned as well and confirmed that The Beginning is still in the making. There is a new screen, too, but no release date.



Ancient Artifact II by maax87

We won’t have to wait much longer for the sequel to Ancient Artifact. According to the author, the level series is as good as done and should be released shortly.


Neues Level by TheTiger

TheTiger has recently announced a bigger level series. With this screenshot he introduces the tutorial level, which is said to hold enough suspenseful elements to even keep long-time players in line. TheTiger01Source

Tomb Raider IV: The Sanctuary of Light by tombraider1703

Tombraider1703 puts forth an effort for a sequel to TR4. Some familiar places will be revisited. Those new HQ textures and objects definitely whet our appetite!


War of the Worlds by Maati

War of the Worlds has been a work in progress by Maatie, and as such without a set release date, for some time now. The new gameplay video impressively shows what can be done with the latest tools. Source

Neues Level by Level NextGen

Level NextGen also has a new project on the stocks and shows the first formidable screenshots. At the same time, the resemblance with his last level “Aqua Sahrym” is undeniable.


Tomb Raider IV: Seth’s Calamity by Raider99

Another TR4-project is showcased by Raider99. The potential of the original material is still surprising. Seth's CalamitySource The custom level year sure had a gripping start. What will be released in the end is a different matter. It is beyond argument that the community is still in full play after more than 15 years. See you next time! winken

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