Valentine’s Day 2015 – Happy Birthday, Lara!

It’s Valentine’s Day again and thus we also celebrate Lara Croft’s birthday. I wonder if her loyal butler Winston will find some valentine card among the mail, when sorting it by categories such as birthday cards, bills and letter bombs. With regard to her love life, Lara sure plays close to her chest…

Being a tomb raider equals a dangerous existence, and the risks related to it do not spare the people close to Miss Croft. Obviously, there are a few fellows who have managed to adjust to that mode of life. After all, Lara has made a decent circle of friends. Yet how should a love relationship look in which either of the partners has to constantly worry about the life of the other? Is that even possible, without the deadening of emotion? We have no answers to that, only a number of what-could-have-beens.

Maybe there really was a spark between Lara and the gloomy loner Kurtis Trend, whom she fleetingly got to know in Paris back in the day. Kurtis was not that unlike Lara in spirit. However, his revenge campaign eventually got him killed. Likewise, when Lara crossed paths with Larson Conway on her hunt for the Scion, you could detect some potential affection there, too, as far as that is possible between competitors. This rivalry eventually escalated into a fiasco, resulting in the death of the Southerner. Other than that, the relationship between Lara and her fellow student Samantha Nishimura seemed quite promising, when they set out into Japanese waters. Sam even stuck with Lara when there was quarreling among the ship-wrecked crew. Surely she would have followed Lara to the end of the earth – which had almost cost her her life, had it not been for Lara saving her neck in the nick of time.
Coming to think of it, it seems from the outside perspective as if nobody could live up to the dangerous and uncompromising lifestyle of Lady Lara Croft. With respect to Lara’s emotional state, we are left in the dark as well. When it comes to lost relics, Lara is radiating with passion, but what about her need for closeness, warmth, love? Could there be buried reasons for her being the inveterate loner with the hard shell that she is?

Is she afraid to take a leap of faith and trust, afraid to get hurt? And when it happens and she’s crushing on someone, will she bother her mind about it or go with her gut? Will she listen to her instincts or intellectualise her feelings? Presumably she will take the answers to those many questions to the grave she will raid next. Until then, however, some celebrations are in order.
Happy Birthday Lara!

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