Back to Basics 2015 – Greece – Register Now

Here it goes again! Along with the Advent Calendar at LLB and the Easter Special at Aspidetr, it is THE annual highlight for all level designers and gamers: The Back to Basics Contest. At the beginning of the month, EssGee, who looks after the organisational matters of the contest, revealed this year’s theme: Greece.

For those who were eager enough to keep track of the discussion thread at after last year’s contest, however, this won’t be much of a surprise. After all, Greece has been frequently wished for. It fits particularly well, of course, that such a well established destination would be chosen for the now 10th (!) round of the BTB.

By now, after just about a week, more than 30 participants have registered. Most of them have already released some custom level of their own, or even a BtB-project, so that this year there will surely be quite a number of entries to be marvelled at. Players are very welcome to participate in the Player’s Competition, starting October 1st. The aim of it will be to play the anonymously released levels and match them with their creators.

But first of all, levels need to be built, of course. The registration phase ends July 1st. After that, the subforum will be unlocked for the level builders, who will then gain access to the marvellous package of objects, textures and music that EssGee and a zealous stuff-team have compiled in over half a year of hard work.

As yet, only the ones involved in creating the package know about its contents. The Teaser-Image does not give away much more than Lara’s outfit. For inspiration, you will have to wait for the package, or take a look at the following pictures.

A small collection made via Google Search will give you some ideas. Maybe we will even be able to scamper around  the one or the other location presented here in October.

The legendary underwater-realm Atlantis (Source)

The Acropolis (Source)

Theatre of Dionysus (Source)

Or maybe some fantasy world? (Source)

What are your ideas? Are you looking forward to the stuff package, or the levels in October, respectively? Write your thoughts in the comments!

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