Calendar and Wallpaper: July 2015

Full moon… we currently have (about) a full moon! It somehow keeps casting a spell over all of us. Even Lara Croft is still up late at night to take a look at it. WPJuly2015-small

A (genuine) full moon will occur July 2nd, at 04:20 in the Sagittarius constellation. The night from the 1st to the 2nd of July will be the shortest night of a full moon this year. The full moon will be at the zenith in the lowest possible angle then. By the 31st there will already be another night of a full moon. The Earth’s moon will be fully visible at 12:43 in the Capricornus constellation. When there are two night’s of a full moon within a month, the US-Americans call the second one a “blue moon.” It isn’t actually blue. However, the term, the whence of which is a matter of debate, has been vernacularised anyway. The saying “once in a blue moon” (meaning “very rarely”) goes back to this.

On the night of the 16th of July at 03:24 there will be a change of the moon towards a new moon. The moon will be at perigee by the 5th, so that it will be closest to the earth with a distance of 228.099 Miles. In contrast, by the 21st it will be at the farthest point from the earth, with an apogee of 251.555 Miles.

(Source: Screenshot: Gothic2 The Night of the Raven, with DirectX11 Mod, see here)

Calendar July 2015, 1920×1080

Wallpaper July 2015, 1920×1080

I hope you’ll have a wonderful July!

Best regards, yours Micky

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