Lara Croft GO – a whole new adventure is to come…

Later this year, Square Enix will present us with a new, totally different game for Android and iOS devices:


According to Square Enix Montéal, Lara Croft will roam through overgrown ruins, researching the myth of the Queen of Venom. However, with its isometric perspective and new, humble optics, the game seems to differ a lot from typical game titles of the series already on first sight.

The gameplay, too, will differ a lot in Lara Croft GO. Apparently, Lara won’t be able to make her own personal way, but moves on a predetermined, non-linear route with obstacles and riddles instead. Rather than focussing on action, the game will feature tricky puzzles to be solved accompanied by a very relaxing soundtrack.

We are looking forward to that new game!

(Source: Square Enix Press Centre)

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