Calendar and Wallpaper: December 2015

And once again here comes the final calendar picture of the year. Lara Croft enjoys the snowy landscape under the open sky and the full moon. To be perfectly honest, I do not remember where that is! I suppose I took the screenshot from “Lord of the Rings Online,” which means it has to be somewhere in Middle-Earth…


Enjoy it on your desktop. I wish all of you a merry Christmas, and all the best, good health and the best of luck for the new year.

Wallpaper December 2015, 1920×1080
Calendar December 2015, 1920×1080

I am looking forward to the upcoming holiday, the Advent Calendars, games, y’all, and whatever nice things else the future might bring. :)

Best regards,
yours Micky

One thought on “Calendar and Wallpaper: December 2015

  1. Micky

    [url=]Kalender mit Lara Croft Januar 2016[/url]
    Es geht auch im neuen Jahr weiter. Ich w√ľnsch euch alles Gute :)

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