Happy Birthday, Lara!

A surprise party in Croft manor!

Winston was very sceptical towards that idea, when he read about it while catching up on a WhatsApp discussion on Lara’s birthday after he had dealt with some organisational matters and forenoon tea. Her friends, however, were delighted and had already proceeded to talk over particulars.


The house butler was not so much concerned about the loud music and the cleaning-up operation such a party would entail. What really bothered him was the feeling that someone would end up with a GSW, if they were to come out of the dark and yell congratulations at Lara to surprise her. Experience has shown that Lady Croft does not take surprises very well, out of occupational habit, she shoots faster than her shadow.


Luckily, everything worked out just fine in the end, and they had a rather nice party – without any collateral damage, too. Lara seems to have enjoyed herself quite a bit and has spontaneously decided to spend some more days in her mansion, before leaving for the next adventure…


All the best for the years ahead, Lara!

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