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The other day, I was riding home on a train, feeling too exhausted from university and work to indulge in specialised literature, so instead, I picked up pen and paper and just started drawing to pass the time. A few days after that, I found myself in a very similar situation, only this time, a small idea came along…
Afterwards, I colourated the images on my computer, and here’s your comic in between. It is still uncertain whether or not there will be more of those in the future. I guess there might be one or two ideas ready to be drawn at some time when there’s a short fall in concentration again. Well, who knows, let’s see…

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Calendar and Wallpaper: July 2015

Full moon… we currently have (about) a full moon! It somehow keeps casting a spell over all of us. Even Lara Croft is still up late at night to take a look at it. WPJuly2015-small

A (genuine) full moon will occur July 2nd, at 04:20 in the Sagittarius constellation. The night from the 1st to the 2nd of July will be the shortest night of a full moon this year. The full moon will be at the zenith in the lowest possible angle then. By the 31st there will already be another night of a full moon. The Earth’s moon will be fully visible at 12:43 in the Capricornus constellation. When there are two night’s of a full moon within a month, the US-Americans call the second one a “blue moon.” It isn’t actually blue. However, the term, the whence of which is a matter of debate, has been vernacularised anyway. The saying “once in a blue moon” (meaning “very rarely”) goes back to this.

On the night of the 16th of July at 03:24 there will be a change of the moon towards a new moon. The moon will be at perigee by the 5th, so that it will be closest to the earth with a distance of 228.099 Miles. In contrast, by the 21st it will be at the farthest point from the earth, with an apogee of 251.555 Miles.

(Source: Screenshot: Gothic2 The Night of the Raven, with DirectX11 Mod, see here)

Calendar July 2015, 1920×1080

Wallpaper July 2015, 1920×1080

I hope you’ll have a wonderful July!

Best regards, yours Micky

Back to Basics 2015 – Greece – Register Now

Here it goes again! Along with the Advent Calendar at LLB and the Easter Special at Aspidetr, it is THE annual highlight for all level designers and gamers: The Back to Basics Contest. At the beginning of the month, EssGee, who looks after the organisational matters of the contest, revealed this year’s theme: Greece.

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Calendar and Wallpaper: June 2015

This time, the present image is presented to you early, for once. Smiley Wallpaper mit Lara Croft Lara Croft is on her way to a gathering that is held annually in her honour. If she manages to cross this trappy forest before June 4th, she might still be able to make it there in time! Wallpaper June 2015, 1920×1080 Calendar June 2015, 1920×1080 The Tomb Raider Meeting truly is a highlight every year. It constitutes an event for all those who play Tomb Raider or Tomb Raider custom levels, those who either like geocaching already or are inclined to give it a try, those who enjoy games, riddles and genial evenings and fancy spending three days in the company of like-minded people. There are still spaces available for this year’s meeting. So if you are interested, you will find further information here:

Have a wonderful June everyone! Flower Icon

Best regards,

yours Micky

Calendar and Wallpaper: April 2015

WPFebruary2015-small Lara Croft lets her eyes wander over a landscape near an extensive valley. The weather is not that steady yet, but as long as one keeps moving, it is warm enough to go in shorts. Somewhere over there, something wants to be found – only what it is, besides mud, snails and frogs, Lara wouldn’t tell…

Calendar April 2015 1920×1080
Wallpaper April 2015 1920×1080

Best regards,
Yours Micky

My Doodling – School Day Images

Some while ago, I skimmed through my old school notes. While disposing of most of it, I found a few things I deem interesting enough to share here.

Subject: Art

Subject: Art

How much did I have to catch up on when I entered a rural primary school after second grade? But the air was easier to breathe here. My school certificates from that time read comments like: settled in well, fertile imagination, caring and outgoing, yet many a time deliberately breaking school rules.

I wonder if that was an adverse effect Lara had on me? After all, back then I currently played my first PC adventure game: Tomb Raider 2. Well, I can’t be sure if it affected me in that manner. It may be true that the central character of the Tomb Raider series is not known for her doing things by the book. However, she didn’t exactly have an exemplary function for me then.

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Screenshot Showcase Series – February 2015

SInce the beginning of the year, many screenshots have been posted and some very promising have been announced. We have selected the finest ones to present them here. Enjoy!

Shalebridge Murder Mystery by Richard Lawther

Known for the Underworld Unfinished Business-Series and many more top levels, Richard Lawther returns after more than 5 years. In Cluedo-Manier Lara will be searching a mansion and investigating a murder case. The project is supposed to enter the testing phase in a couple of months.


Lionheart by teme9

We are presented with a new project by teme9, too. There is not much information out on Lionheart yet. However, the first pictures disperse a dark ambience in natural scenery. Interested level builders can also marvel at some behind-the-scenes material at TRF.


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