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Lara in Siberia – First Screens from the latest Adventure

RotTRSidebannerIt’s happened! Sprung

Crystal Dynamics has released the first in-game screenshots of the upcoming adventure: Rise of the Tomb Raider.
According to Gameinformer, our heroine will shiver with cold in the Russian wilderness this time.
And there will be danger – demanding hunting, crafting of survival gear and tomb robbing. Also, secrets will be disclosed. To top it off, there will be a new mysterious organisation, attempting to give Lara a hard time of it.
In an interview with Noah Hughes, Creative Director of RotTR some information has been brought up.
As has been seen in the reboot before, Lara will have to craft her own weapons and equipment from stuff collected in the environment. Survival elements are supposed to get even more sophisticated and become more realistic. For instance, some upgrades for weapons will only be available through the combat of rare species, the presence of which will be restricted to certain daytimes or weather situations.
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